Instructions and FAQ's

How do I login for my lesson?

Download the Zoom app on your smartphone, or computer and create a free login. Each teacher will have a unique Personal Meeting ID that is available on the About Us page. Click on the Zoom Link for the teacher and you will automatically be directed to the lesson Waiting Room until the time of your lesson.

What if Zoom isn’t working?

We will contact you via other online platforms, ie, Facetime, Viber, Instant Messenger, or phone as a last resort.

We have had a negative experience with Online Learning. What makes this experience different?

All of our teachers have had over 10 years of experience with online teaching to make the experience seamless and positive. Our goal is to perfect the online learning experience by adding user friendly tools and clear online direction.

Is online learning the same as face-to-face learning?

The biggest challenge to online learning is latency, also known as delay. There is no technology that can totally get rid of latency but all of our staff have been well-trained in handling this issue. In our Phase 2 launch, we will be joining an online platform that reduces latency significantly, along with many other amenities. The overall benefits of online vocal lessons have the same ability to learn techniques and performance with the added benefit of portability.

I don’t feel comfortable singing at home with people around. What do you suggest?

We suggest finding a comfortable place in your room or even your car to rehearse. We find that making a pact with people that live with you to create a supportive and encouraging environment with boundaries about comments about progress. We also advise other family members and friends to refrain from “constructive criticism,” as this can stunt growth.

Is there a free class I can do to try it out? How do I sign up?

Yes there is! Every artist gets one free class to try out the experience before signing up for membership or continuing on a drop-in basis. To signup, visit and fill out our secure registration form. 

What do I need to have to make sure I have a successful lesson?

Make sure you have a solid WiFi or ethernet connection. We recommend 2 devices (computer/phone, phone/tablet, etc) and use one to call and one to record the lesson for practice and play songs on your end to sing along with. We also recommend a speaker loud enough to play the song through, along with the ability to download a song from iTunes, Google Play store, or the music streaming service of your choice.

How can I stay accountable with practicing?

Every artist is a vocal athlete and constant training is needed to keep your instrument in the best shape possible and properly tuned. Every artist and parent will be able to create a login at our page on www.mymusicstaff.com and log their practices so all parties can check in on their progress. It is important to record the session and vocalize with the latest recording so you know exactly what current issues you need to work on and work through.

Can I reach my teacher directly when it’s not my lesson time?

We recommend that all artists reach us on our main number (702-963-9362) or email us at manager@thevoicewire.com. Our office manager will make sure the teacher gets the message. Because we are a nationwide corporation and our teachers are in high demand, we have been asked to respect the autonomy and privacy of all teachers during off hours. They will be happy to respond during their teaching hours.

How can I reschedule my lesson time?

If the lesson needs to be rescheduled and you are outside the 24 hour window, you may contact us at the main number or email and we will be happy to reschedule the lesson for you. If you are within the 24 hour window, rescheduling is at the sole discretion of the instructor.

Do you have any performances?

Yes! We are taking advantage of all of the online platforms, including Zoom, YouTube, and Stage It. We are also planning larger performances per region depending on numbers.

How do I cancel my membership?

We have a 30 day cancellation policy with the form available on our website.

I’m going to be unavailable for a time. Can I freeze my membership?

Yes! If you’re unavailable for a couple of weeks, your teacher can reschedule you or double up lessons. If you’re unavailable for 30 days, please fill out our Freeze Form, which is also on our website. Please note that we do not do indefinite freezes and the freezes automatically resume on the Freeze End date. We may not reach out at the end of the freeze, but you will receive an email with your lesson date and time.

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